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Film Reels

We are the rebels of the film industry, forging our path with audacious narratives that dare to challenge the status quo. Our stories break free from conventionality, opting for the raw, unfiltered essence of human emotions. We believe in the power of authenticity, where characters are not confined by societal expectations but dance to their own beat. With each film, we invite you to join our rebellious journey, where the unexpected thrives, and the untamed spirit of storytelling roars. Get ready to be enthralled, as Rebel Femme Productions defies the norm and unleashes a kaleidoscope of stories that resonate with the very core of your being.


A feminist experiential short film bringing to light the
realities of post-traumatic stress disorder after a sexual assault


Discover what happens communicating only through dance for a week


A bisexual woman and her cat navigate the world of online dating with horrifying results.

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