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We refuse to dilute the essence of human emotions, and our stages become canvases where raw, unfiltered truths are brought to life. Each character that graces our productions is a force to be reckoned with, liberated from the chains of one-dimensional stereotypes. They are beautifully flawed, vulnerable, and resilient embodying the richness  of real-life. We believe in the alchemy of storytelling, where our narratives are woven with threads of intersectional feminism, evoking empathy and igniting a fire within our audiences. From the first heartbeat to the final curtain call, we immerse our spectators in a world where the power of character authenticity and the magic of storytelling converge, leaving them forever changed by the experience. Rebel Femme's theatre works are a testament to the might of untamed stories and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

Theatre Works


Anatomy of Expression

A digital play exploring the question what is creativity? 

I Hope You Can See the Birds

I Hope You Can See the Birds is a surrealist exploration about a man coming to terms with his own mortality while facing the greatest loss of his life, bringing his wife of 65 years to a nursing home.

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