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Small Strokes

Cold Reads

On hold due to COVID-19 

3rd Tuesday every month @ The Tipsy Muse

The Cold Reads is like a playground for storytellers. Writers of any media submit their work/ideas to Rebel Femme Productions and then actors perform them live at the event. 

Rebel Femme Strives to promote inclusivity, diversity and provide opportunities for artistic growth. Works that are discriminatory will not be accepted. 


Got a screenplay just waiting to be read by actors?

A play with a scene you just can't figure out?

Looking for an audience to witness a new song, poem, or short story?

The Cold Reads is a creative save space to workshop your projects. Submissions can be any length, genre or medium. 

Currently accepting submissions to



Come to the live events. Talk to the staff to go on the list. 

We Cast all the roles based on who shows and best casting. 

Sometimes you'll read, sometimes you won't but you'll always have an opportunity to meet writers, directors, and other creatives. 

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